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"Ben Oofana is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He walks his talk and it all comes from his heart."  

"Ben helped me get my life back. When we first met I was a confused, angry and broken person and my body reflected all of this pain. I was also very determined to heal. Session by session, Ben gently and patiently guided me through the process of opening up to the pain, releasing it and replacing it with what was important to me. I began to feel less fragmented, more whole; living less in the past and more in the present. Benís medicine is strong; it is a process that requires commitment and taking responsibility for yourself. That is true healing.'
 - Lee, Boston

"I had a very difficult childhood and before meeting Ben I often felt that I was looking at the world through a window, or that it was only a dream. I also had a low tolerance for stressful situations and would be completely worn out after a tough day. After two sessions with Ben I noticed that I no longer had the feeling of being separate from the world around me and I cope with stress and conflict much more easily now."
 - Dawn, Kansas City

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Yagyas (Yagnas)

Yagyas are an ancient Vedic healing practice that has been passed down for over thousands of years in India. They are conducted by highly trained Vedic Pandits who chant specific Sanskrit mantras which are comprised of sacred sounds that call form into manifestation.

Yagyas invoke the forces of nature to work on your behalf. They facilitate healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Yagyas help you to resolve problems or areas of difficulty in life. Yagyas are performed to neutralize the negative karmic patterns that create pain, suffering, obstacles and difficulties.

Yagyas initiate a process of divine intervention. They are traditionally done to help one reach their goals, attain their desires, to resolve issues or problems and to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Yagyas facilitate a profound shift in consciousness that will help to align you with the forces of nature. You feel supported as these forces begin to work on your behalf. Yagyas create favorable influences that help you to attract what you need and desire, leading to greater personal fulfillment.

There are many wonderful and powerful yagyas that come from the Vedic Tradition. Planetary Yagyas are recommended to be done before special intention yagyas. The planetary yagyas help to resolve karma so that current desires may manifest more easily.

Intentional yagyas are traditionally done to:

  • Achieve whatever you want in life
  • Attract wealth and abundance
  • Maintain health and recover from illness
  • Remove obstacles to success or karmic patterns that create pain and suffering
  • Create a sense of peace and wellbeing
  • Spiritual growth and development
  • Protection from danger or other forms of negativity

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How I Learned About This Amazing Healing Resource

People contact me from all over the world seeking my assistance for various personal issues or health concerns and they often ask me if I do distance healing. Iíve done distance healing on occasion, but I much prefer to work in person because I feel my work is much more effective that way.

I care a lot about people and I want to do everything I can to be of assistance. Sometimes Iíve felt terrible that I couldnít always be there to assist the people that I encounter in different parts of the world who require the kind of healing services that I offer. And what made it even worse is that I usually didnít know of anyone else in the area that possessed these same kinds of healing gifts that I could refer.

I was drawn to Sri Lanka some years ago and that led me on to India. Iíve gotten to know a number of priests and swamis along the way. I became friends with a priest, who couldnít speak very good English, but he was so kind and he was always having me recite certain chants and having me come to the poojas and celebrations that were taking place at the temple. I could feel the power of these poojas but I didnít fully grasp what was going on.

But then I came across Joe Vitaleís book "The Attractor Factor" and I read the amazing testimony of how the yagyas had resurrected his former wife after a near fatal automobile accident.

"Marian was on her death bed. After being in a near-fatal car accident, having both knees replaced, her back broken, suffering from depression, then becoming suicidal and anorexic due to medications she never should have taken, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she lay unconscious and dying. We had already tried everything. She had gone to healers, doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists. I hired home care for her.

She prayed, meditated, listened to tapes. I asked 500 friends of mine to pray for her and send her healing energy. Nothing was breaking her free. I feared I would lose my best friend of 25 years. In desperation, I arranged for a month-long yagya to be done for her.

Within two days, she woke up in the hospital, sat up, and stood up. The day before she could not move or even turn over in bed! Now she was ready to go home. The hospital was stunned. The doctors couldn't explain it. They kept her for further testing and observation. Marian just got better. A week later, the same woman who was near dead, was released from the hospital. She is now walking, talking, smiling, driving, and very glad to be alive. I saw her yesterday. I thought I might never see her again. This is a genuine miracle."
- Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author of "Spiritual Marketing"

Joeís friend, Dr. Mark Gitterle, described yagyas as a form of karmic surgery. He went on to say that yagyas help to remove lifelong impediments that cause pain and suffering and that prevent us from succeeding in life. Iím always open to anything that will move me further along my own path of evolution and I was so intrigued by Joe Vitaleís description of yagyas that I felt that this was something I really had to try out.

I had trained with a traditional doctor (medicine man) among the Kiowa Indian Tribe years ago and I had been going though vision quests for years. The vision quests are a very powerful practice that American Indians have gone through for centuries that involves going out to fast alone in the mountains for four days and nights without food or water.

Iíve gone through tremendous healing as a result of the vision quest and I usually feel the changes taking place within me for about a month afterwards. But then would I have to wait another five to seven months before I can go back to the mountain. There have been times when Iíve felt really frustrated during the months between the vision quests. I sometimes run into to difficulties and various issues begin to surface. I felt that I needed something additional to help me to continue to move forward in my process of healing and development.

The yagyas are an immense blessing. I can feel myself going through a process of evolution during the yagyas. I will often awaken during the night to feel the healing process taking place. The yagyas are taking me through a process of purification. Old karmic patterns that have created pain and suffering began to surface within my conscious awareness. That helped me to gain a greater understanding of how these patterns have played out in my life. I can then feel the patterns dissolving. I feel continually lighter and freer as this process takes place.

Profound changes are taking place in my consciousness as a result of the yagyas that are enabling me to experience a stronger connection to my source. That has resulted in greater clarity, peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing. Thatís making it possible for me to come up with workable solutions to solve the problems or issues that I have struggled with in life.

Iíve noticed that my self-awareness has increased markedly. Iím much more conscious of my needs and Iím taking better care of myself. I find that doors are opening to me, Iím attracting new opportunities and people are responding more positively to me.

Iím also amazed by the power of the yagyas. I was staying over at a friendís house one night. I was sleeping in the guest room. My friend was sleeping in his room on the other side of the hall, but he could feel the power of the yagyas that were being performed for me.

I like to keep things in motion and sometimes I schedule the yagyas to run for months at a time. I recently did a three month series of yagyas before going to a vision quest. The yagyas helped me to become much more receptive during the vision quest. And that may be why this is the most powerful vision quest Iíve experienced so far.

Most people have very good results from the yagyas. However, every individualís yagya experience will vary and we cannot predict that you will get the desired result. Each personís yagya experience depends largely on their karma, their level of awareness and a number of other factors. Some people are not aware of any changes taking place as a result of the yagyas. Others may have what would be considered a negative experience as accumulated stress works its way out of their body and mind.

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