Ben Oofana

What Are You Getting Out Of This?

Those of you who work with me will experience a form of healing unlike anything else you have ever known. On the surface it may initially appear like the "energy work" that many other people are doing. However, there is so much more involved. Many of you have expectations of what you think should happen or assumptions based upon your experience with other modalities of healing. And it would probably be in your best interest to set those models and expectations aside. At a later date you can reexamine your old models and expectations and see how they match with the healing you will experience as we work together.

Healers such as myself functioned as doctors among the various American Indian tribes. And similar healing practices served as the primary form of medicine within many indigenous cultures throughout the world. Native doctors went though many years of training to develop the gifts that allowed them to assist others. Various powers or beings worked through these doctors to facilitate healing that would not otherwise be possible.

American Indians sought the assistance of their traditional doctors and engaged in other ceremonial processes at various intervals throughout their lives. The traditional doctors assisted people with a wide range of psychological and health issues. Native people participated in ceremonial processes to align themselves with the forces of creation, to get a clearer sense of their direction in life and to ensure the survival of the tribe.

Most people within our modern western society have not had access to the healing powers and beings that native people through out the world work with on a day to day basis. Readily available healing modalities are quite effective for some things. But they do not directly address many facets of healing that need to take place within individuals. For instance, individuals with histories of childhood trauma may seek out therapy. They may come out of therapy with some strategies to help them cope with their emotions. And they may have gained an intellectual understanding of what has happened and why they react the way they do. But the trauma is still very much hardwired into them. So they continue to experience anxiety, depression and many of the intrusive symptoms associated with traumatic experiences.

Our bodies and minds are fairly resilient and flexible throughout our younger years. And because of that we may take our health for granted. The natural generative processes start slowing down as we move on up into our twenties. Some individuals have stronger constitutions which enables them to maintain a youthful vital quality throughout their life. Youthfulness may also be the result of having developed good coping skills or taking really good care of oneself.

Thoughts, feelings and life experiences need to be digested. We shut down the generative healing powers of our body and mind by avoiding issues and suppressing our feelings. Years of undigested mental-emotional stress accumulates in our bodies and turns into a heavy congestive energy that saturates the organs and tissues of the body. The energetic congestion impairs the functioning of the organs which then accumulate more physical toxins. The added stress causes our bodies to break down and we age faster.

We never fully process the painful or traumatic experiences that occur in our lives. These events can elicit very strong and sometimes overwhelming emotional responses. And that may produce powerful biochemical reactions within the brain. This can in some way impede or distort the development of the brain.

We may succeed in momentarily pushing these experiences out of our conscious awareness. Many of the thoughts, feelings and images associated with these experiences drop down into the subconscious where they begin to function as drivers. These drivers may cause us to reenact the same kinds of events that initially wounded us or they become the source of many of our destructive behaviors. Our perception of events is often distorted because everything we push down inside of us act as filters through which all our subsequent life experiences are interpreted.

Buried feelings and memories take on a life of their own. Whole separate processes of thought and feelings begin to operate outside of our conscious awareness. And all these painful and anxious feelings can build up inside of us. Every so often something comes along to trigger these constellations that have become hardwired into us and we find ourselves re-experiencing many of the same kinds of painful emotions all over again. And that further reinforces the patterns that weíve been stuck in.

The wounds we incur can take shape in many ways. The depression and anxiety experienced as a result of painful and traumatic experiences can have a debilitating effect, that causes us to shut down to varying degrees. Some of us who experience dissociative tendencies never become fully present within our physical body. Many of the faculties we need to function in the world never fully develop. That accounts for the fact that many of these individuals have greater difficulty processing emotions or addressing issues, and are more likely to feel overwhelmed and experience greater difficulty functioning in the world.

Prescription medications, alcohol and other recreational drugs shut down the regenerative healing capabilities of the body-mind. Our natural healing powers are further impaired as we fill our bodies with deadened and devitalized substances that many people mistake for food. We continue to make matters worse by over stimulating ourselves with television, radio, internet and other sensory inputs. Our body-mind cannot process such overwhelming volumes of stimulus. And the body-mind is never really given the chance to heal itself.

People generally carry tremendous amounts of stress in their bodies. Itís amazing that our bodies and minds hold up as well as they do. And that demonstrates just how resilient we truly are. The stress that accumulates in our body has a numbing effect. The accumulated stresses reduce our sensitivity, which then results in a decrease in awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. All the internalized pain and unresolved issues use up so much of our brainís capacity. Whole sections of our brain are then dominated by the pain, confusion and conflict we fail to process. Our minds become so saturated and that shuts down our generative creative forces. Our growth and development is stunted and we never realize our potential.

Much of the circuitry or apparatus that makes sense perception possible becomes damaged. And in some instances it is never given the opportunity to develop. That creates blind spots. These gaps in our awareness make it difficult for us to recognize the consequences of our actions and the underlying driving forces behind them. We disconnect from parts of ourselves that become wounded or diseased and eventually they completely shut down. Some people are not capable of experiencing emotional intimacy Others canít get a clear sense of purpose. Eventually the flame within dies out and so we have no passion or drive to carry us forward. The shutting down that takes place causes us to lose touch with our source. The force of creation can no longer flow through us when our body and mind becomes so backed up.

So many people in our society just donít get it. Go to your local grocery store and look at whatís available. Such a large percentage of the food this highly processed garbage, much of which is loaded with sugar. Most the produce is sprayed with pesticides which are toxic chemicals. The meat is full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Look around at whatís happening in our world. Weíve contaminated the oceans so that fish now contain mercury and other dangerous heavy metals. We have wiped out whole species of wildlife. Weíre so out of touch with whatís going on. And thatís only a reflection of where weíre at with our own body and mind.

So many people they think thereís no problem as long as they are not experiencing pain. So they let themselves go and eventually find themselves in disastrous physical shape. Bodies become very toxic and begin to break down. Over time people become debilitated and find themselves on all kinds of medications. The medications create side effects and they can no longer function or think clearly. Organs and systems begin to fail. Some end up with tubes sticking in their nose and IVís in their veins. Their body has become a prison from which the only possible escape is death.

Pay a visit to your local hospital or nursing home if you think Iím exaggerating and want to see what your future could be. Do some volunteer work if necessary and see what happens to the people. Itís disturbing when you see photos of these individuals in their younger years and you begin to consider how they got to where they are now. Is that the reality you want to check into?

Thereís a reason dentists recommend regular brushing, flossing and bi annual checkups. Serious problems result when we fail to properly care for our teeth.

Now stop and imagine for a moment ÖWhat kind of shape would your teeth be in if you neglected them for ten or twenty years? How can you expect your body and mind to be in any better shape after so many years of neglect?

So many people in our modern western society have no real discipline when it comes to their health or personal development. Theyíre more likely to just dabble in healing. Thatís why they never get anywhere. Itís going to take some truly serious commitment on you part if you want to make any real progress.

Masters in China practice such disciplines as chi gong and tai chi every day for hours. Doctors among the various American Indian tribes do ceremonial practices throughout their lives. They understood that healing is a process. Many of these individuals had strong bodies and clear minds. They often lived to very advanced ages remained vital right up until the very end. There are many instances where American Indian Doctors at the end of their lives were known to go around and say their goodbyes to everyone and then gracefully leave the body.

And there are some highly functional people who are making real progress in their lives. The work we do will make it possible for you to further refine and develop your gifts. You will become even more present, powerful and resourceful. Some of you will experience very powerful results and find that the initial problem that you sought help for will clear up in one or a few sessions. However, we have just barely scratched the surface.

Many of you do not understand the internal processes of your body and mind. And you may not know how to care for yourself. Because of that your body breaks down and you age prematurely. If youíre like most people, you carry tremendous amounts of emotional baggage. And that shuts down so much of your intelligence, power and creativity. It prevents you from ever realizing the fullness of your potential. And you settle for a very compromised life. Thatís why I recommend that most people do twenty to fifty sessions. Ideally sessions should be spaced from one to three months apart and be done over the course of a number of years.

You have a very rare opportunity to experience healing that would probably never happen otherwise. The changes you experience will be truly amazing. The beings working through me cleanse your body of toxicity. They simultaneously do corrective work to regenerate damaged and diseased tissue within your physical body. Your body will become stronger and more resilient. You will process huge volumes of old conflicted issues and emotions that youíve carried around inside of you. The wounded parts of you will heal. Many of the limiting and self destructive patterns will fall away as whole new structures are created within the mind and physiological change take place within the brain allowing you to function at optimal levels. Weíre going to develop the "hardware" that makes greater consciousness possible. So you will become much more present in your body, in touch with whatís happening. You will experience a greater integration with all aspects of yourself. Many new resources and capabilities will emerge. And the force of creation will flow through you.

Everyone responds differently to the work. Some people are very receptive from the beginning and are immediately aware of the powerful changes taking place within themselves and in their lives.

People who tend to shut down their feelings may have very little sensitivity. And they may not feel much of anything in the beginning. And theyíre more likely to assume that nothing is happening as a result. That usually changes within a few sessions as the self awareness begins to increase.

Strong emotions do surface at times. Thatís normal. All this content needs to be brought into your awareness so it can be digested. The conflicted thoughts, feelings and emotions will poison your mind, destroy your life and cause your body to age much faster if you continue to hold them inside of you. It can be difficult in the beginning because you may initially find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with unpleasant feelings. Call me if you need to. I do care, and I can walk you through a process that will soften the emotions. You will gradually digest more of the backlog of feeling as we continue to work. Simultaneously we are going to build in a greater structure which will make it easier for you to contain and digest any emotions that come up. That will also cause you to become much more resilient so that the storms of life will not devastate you. And you will find your self bouncing back much more quickly when you do experience setbacks.

The physical, mental and emotional toxins may cause us to experience some form healing crisis. The toxin needs to come out otherwise youíre going to have serious problems down the road.

Iím going to give you homework to do. The practices I give you to work with are valuable tools that will help you to understand the natural processes of your body and mind. They will give you the capability to facilitate much of your own healing by activating generative healing powers within. Doing the practices will allow you to make two, five or even ten times as much progress with the healing sessions.

Keep a journal to write down the exercises I give you to do as homework and to record your experiences. This will help you to keep track of the progress you are making.

Abstain from caffeine, sugar, alcohol or any other substances on the day of your session. I encourage you to rest as much as possible after your session. Healing continues to take place afterwards, so you need to wait for twelve hours before you bathe, watch television, work on the computer or do any strenuous activity.

Go to my website and print out all the articles. Read them and then save the articles in a folder somewhere. Go back and read them again months later and you will find that they make a lot more sense to you. Check my website periodically as I will be posting many new articles over time.

Iím very busy, so please be respectful of my time. Do call me if thereís something happening that you donít understand. I am quite familiar with the kinds of responses people have to the work and can help you to gain a better understanding of the processes taking place within your body and mind.

E-mail is not always reliable. Some e-mails get lost in cyberspace. However it may be the only way to reach me when Iím overseas. I do respond to your e-mails. So if you donít get a response, then just assume that I didnít get your message or that my reply didnít make it back to you. I get at least 200 spam messages a day, so make sure to say something in the subject line to indicate who you are. Normally itís best to just call me at (913) 927-4281. I can address your concerns much faster that way.

I do genuinely care about you. And I am strongly committed to doing everything I can to facilitate your healing. And if you show me youíre sincere, I will go the extra mile for you. And please understand that I canít do it all for you. We need to work together. This is a partnership, so be sure to do your part.

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