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"Ben Oofana is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He walks his talk and it all comes from his heart."  

"Ben helped me get my life back. When we first met I was a confused, angry and broken person and my body reflected all of this pain. I was also very determined to heal. Session by session, Ben gently and patiently guided me through the process of opening up to the pain, releasing it and replacing it with what was important to me. I began to feel less fragmented, more whole; living less in the past and more in the present. Ben’s medicine is strong; it is a process that requires commitment and taking responsibility for yourself. That is true healing.'
 - Lee, Boston

"I had a very difficult childhood and before meeting Ben I often felt that I was looking at the world through a window, or that it was only a dream. I also had a low tolerance for stressful situations and would be completely worn out after a tough day. After two sessions with Ben I noticed that I no longer had the feeling of being separate from the world around me and I cope with stress and conflict much more easily now."
 - Dawn, Kansas City

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Heal Your Body and Mind - Fulfill Your Life's Purpose

Native peoples of the Americas did not have access to all the technological advances and the modern medical interventions that we rely upon today. They lived out in the wild and were forced to rely upon the forces of nature for their survival. Part of my intention in writing Emergence: Heal Your Body and Mind, Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose is to share the amazing beauty of the native way of life and my own personal experience of training with Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional doctor among the Kiowa Indian tribe.

Some of the things I’m describing in this book may be a difficult for people within our modern western culture to grasp. Indigenous healers and those who have attained mastery in various other ancient spiritual traditions possessed a vast wealth of knowledge and power far beyond the range of what most people in our present day society are familiar with. Read this book with an open mind and the understanding that we are only experiencing a very narrow range of what is humanly possible.

The indigenous peoples of the Earth are vanishing rapidly along with all their knowledge, power and their entire way of life. If at all possible I would like to encourage you to experience these people and their cultures firsthand. I also recommend that you seek out those individuals who have trained within the various ancient spiritual traditions and experience for yourself how they embody the presence of the divine.  

I began my training with Horace in the early 1980’s and started to practice on my own a few years afterwards. The transmission of power that I received from Horace brought the traumas of my early life up to the surface. It was during this time that I began to develop a series of practices that awaken the innate healing power that resides within the body and mind.

The innate healing intelligence that resides within will facilitate healing within your body and mind. Digesting the hurts, disappointments and other painful emotions and stresses held within your body will facilitate the emergence of your true self. Working with the practices taught in this book on a consistent basis will awaken a powerful creative force within. This instinctual force will provide you with the clarity and resources you need to realize your true potential and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Go in with an open mind and a willingness to explore and allow yourself to experience the changes taking place within you as the greater intelligence residing within begins to awaken. You can then draw your own conclusions once you have the experience.

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